The Soliloquies

Small group work
Students to work in small groups to analysis each of the main soliloquies.
Report back to the class on it.
In your report deal with:
1. Where is the soliloquy in the play? Contextualize it.

2. How (language) does your speech present these ideas? What are the key images in this soliloquy?

3. What does your soliloquy reveal about Hamlet’s inner conflict?

4. Consider the following ideas on:
q Certainty,
q Death,
q Humanity
q Appearance and reality,
q Fate
q Free will,
q Doubt,

5. What does this speech tell us about the social and historical context of the play?

Historical context

Context is a key factor influencing how meaning is made in both Hamlet and Ros. & Guil. You are required by the syllabus to “examine ways in which social, cultural and historical context influences aspects of texts, or the ways in which changes in context lead to changed values being reflected in texts.”

Review the notes on historical context you were given in class.

Summarise into 10 clear points.
Post your summary in the red comments link directly below.


Tragedy is referred to as one of the most easily recognised forms of drama.
Review the material on tragedy (wiki and handouts).
1. Write a four-paragraph exposition outlining the key features and terms associated with tragedy. You could also discuss why Hamlet fits into this genre.