Irony – The term is used to refer simply to a surprising or contradictory series of events, but used more precisely in literary criticism the term refers to the difference between what is said and what is meant – the difference between what is explicitly stated and the implied meaning.
Exagerration – To emphasize a point, something is made to seem larger or more important, or better or worse than it really is.
Caricature – A representation (visual or verbal) of someone that makes part of their appearance or character more noticable than it really is.
Stereotype – A generalisation that assures that the characteristics of a particular type of person or thing are shared by all people and things of that type.
Anti Climax – A sudden descent from something serious and important to something trivial or silly
Ridicule – Words or actions designed to make someone foolish or deserving to be laughed at
Parody – A humorous imitation of the form style of another text.
Juxtaposition – Close positioning of words or images to increase awareness of stark contrast.
Understatement – A statement of description of something that diminishes its significance.

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